Should I Hire a Professional to Paint My Barrie House?

It’s a frequently asked question. Painting a room, not to mention an entire house, takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. If you are debating between a DIY project and hiring a professional, consider first the value of your own time.

Professional house painters in Barrie will get the project done is much less time and save you the hassle and headaches that typically come with doing it yourself. Not only that, but they will do a noticeably better job. When it comes to increasing the value of your home, a professional painter will focus on details like straight lines and smooth walls using the best products available.



Here are some of the essential details that a professional painter can help you with:


  1. Planning

    A professional painting company will work with you to decide how many rooms you need to be painted. how many color choices you will need to make and, most importantly, how long it will take to finish. There is nothing worse than starting a project only to find that you underestimated how long it would take.


  2. Select a color palette

    A professional painting company has access to the best possible products as well as connections with other reputable home improvement specialists such as interior designers who can help you decide on the perfect color palette for you and your home.


  3. Decide on a paint finish

    As with selecting a high-quality paint product, a professional painter will help you choose a finish to best suit each room. You may not know that different finishes can affect the overall look and performance of the paint. For example, flat or matte finishes are perfect for bedrooms or guest rooms, while pearl or satin finishes work best in a bathroom or kitchen.


  4. Prepare the room

    A full-service painting company will ensure that your household items are protected before they begin painting. It is usually best if the homeowner packs up small or delicate items themselves as well as moving any light furniture. Then, the painters will move any heavy or large items to the center of the room and cover with drop cloths.


  5. Protect floors and woodwork

    Good service means bringing high-quality drop cloths and painters’ tape along to ensure that your flooring, carpets, and trim remain pain-free throughout the job.


  6. Repair and prepare walls

    A professional painting company will assess your walls before beginning any project. They look for nail holes, cracks, chipping, peeling and any other wall damage that will need to be repaired before any paint is applied. Once the walls are fixed up, they need to be properly cleaned to ensure that the paint sticks and you get the perfect paint job.


  7. Painting

    Professionals take special care to evenly apply paint so that you are completely satisfied with the results. Hiring a reputable professional means having it done right the first time.


  8. Final cleanup

    It is important to hire a full-service painting company so that you know the final cleanup is taken care of. No one wants to come home to a huge mess. You should come home to beautiful walls – that’s it.


Sounds like a lot of work, right? Rather than spending your precious free time doing it yourself, let a professional painter take care of the work for you. Now you can simply sit back and enjoy the results.

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Posted By: Rick of Painters Regina.